Are You Getting Enough Customers From Local Search?

Local SEO Company in Phoenix

I am one of Phoenix’s most-recognized Local SEO experts and I am here to help.

Maybe you didn’t know where to turn until now…

Did you try Local SEO by yourself but maybe you weren’t sure if you were doing it right?

Maybe you were burned by some other SEO company.

Maybe you haven’t really thought much about Local SEO until now and you’re looking for someone to do it right the first time.

Whatever your case may be – you know that your business needs more visibility on the local map in Google and you definitely could use a few more phone calls.


Get The Local SEO Help You Deserve.

A successful Local SEO campaign requires a lot of hard work from your website to your local listings, as well as reviews, links, and so many other factors. Some of this stuff is one-and-done. However, the really effective stuff requires on-going work to really pay off.

Whatever you need, I can help.

Here is an outline of what’s included in a typical Local SEO campaign:

One-Time Work

I’m a stickler for fundamentals. Getting the basics right sets the tone for the entire campaign and needs to be completed before we can get into the high-level stuff. Most of this we can handle on our own, but we may need your assistance in some cases too.

Google My Business Optimization

I’ll make sure your Google My Business page is free of issues, perfectly optimized, and incredibly appealing to your customers. This is a critical step in the Local SEO process because if anything is wrong with your Google My Business page you’re much less likely to show up on the local map.

Local Citation Cleanup and Building

If your business isn’t listed on the proper directories and websites that the search engines expect to find you on then there is a good chance you won’t rank on the local map. The same is also true if you have incorrect or conflicting business information around the web. We’ll spend countless hours fixing your citations and also create any ones you might be missing.

Website Optimization

I will be sure to perform an SEO audit of your website that outlines and technical issues, additional pages that need to be built and a laundry list of other improvements. Once I receive your approval, I will either implement the changes myself or work with your developer to get the changes made.

The Tough Stuff – On-Going Local SEO Work

Once I’ve completed the one-time work including the Google My Business Optimization, the Local Citation Cleaning & Building, and the On-Page optimizations I’ll move on to the more difficult tasks that will help to get you to rank above your competition.

SEO-Friendly Content Creation

Content is King. And there is a pretty solid chance that your website doesn’t contain all the content in needs to be successful in Local SEO and impress potential customers. You probably don’t have all of the pages you need. Or maybe you do but they’re just not targeted and focused enough. Google loves unique and thorough content so we’ll help you to create or rewrite the pages you need. All you have to do is give your approval and I’ll place it on the site.

 Link Research

Building links is a thing of the past. Earning links is where it’s at. Getting other websites to link to your business is one of the hardest parts of Local SEO. After I ask you a few questions, I’ll put in the extensive manual labor to research potential link opportunities for your business that’ll take your Local SEO campaign to the next level.

Linkable Content Creation

There are times when basic content creation just isn’t good enough. Occasionally we’ll have to create something extra special in order to get people to link to you. You’re the expert in your industry so we’ll use that beautiful brain of yours to come up with a link-worthy asset.

Backlink Outreach

After we’ve done our link research and we’ve created linkable assets, the link outreach begins. We’ll make connections with the right influences and determine which linkable assets we want to promote. We’ll then send outreach emails and hope for the best. If we require your assistance in anyway, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Construct a Review Strategy

Reviews play a big role in the Local SEO game. We can help you get more online reviews from your customers to help boost your rankings. Reviews can be difficult to get but they’ll set you apart from your competition. We’ll help you construct a realistic strategy to get more reviews on the sites that matter most to Local SEO.

My SEO Expertise is Unmatched

There is no cookie-cutter approach when it comes to Local SEO. Every business is different and requires a unique strategy. Sure, unexpected problems can arise in any campaign, but I feel that I possess the necessary expertise to adapt and continue moving in the right direction.

I’ve worked with 100’s of businesses over the last 6 years and have truly mastered my craft.

I literally live and breathe Local SEO day-in and day-out and it’s what I love to do.


Be warned that my Local SEO campaigns are not for everybody.

The truth is, I can’t please everyone. I have to be realistic, so here are a few instances where you may want to look for another Local SEO consultant:

If you’re looking for inexpensive help. I worked hard to get where I’m at and I’ve earned the right to charge what I charge. If I could do it cheaper, I would. But my years of experience know the amount of time and effort it takes to be successful in the Local SEO game so I price accordingly.
 You have no other source of leads. SEO is a long-term play and it can take many months to start seeing results. If you can’t be patient then I’m probably not the right Local SEO expert for you.
 If you’re not willing to be a partner in the process. There are simply some steps that are going to require your assistance. If you don’t have the time or energy to help us help you then this probably isn’t meant to be. I will need to work with someone who can make decisions to ensure things get done.


My Local SEO Campaign Costs

I know, I know. This question has been running through your brain the whole time you’ve been reading this. How much does it cost??? Most of my Local SEO campaigns run about $1500 per month but there is a chance I will quote you more or less based on things like competition levels, your geographic area, and the number of locations your business has.


Here is what you can expect as my client.

Client Fist Bump

You’ll be in the loop on everything.

You’ll know exactly what we plan on doing and when we plan to do it. Our recommendations will be clearly outlined for you and our reporting is simple.

You’ll be properly armed with Local SEO knowledge.

By the time I’m done with you, you’ll be a borderline Local SEO expert yourself! I can explain any of my steps or suggestions in as much detail as you’d like.

You’ll be in control.

You get to make approval on EVERYTHING. Nothing will go live on your website without you giving me the green light.

You’ll be at ease.

You can trust that you’ll feel comfortable knowing that you have one of the best Local SEO’s in Phoenix working on your campaign. I can get you the leads you’re looking for and make that phone ring!